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I’m curious about the American Flamingo.




Flamingos are largely associated with Florida, and conjures a lot of imagery of the everglades and candy colors.





Having never been to Florida but as Ohio is a feeder state for future Floridian retirees, I have a certain picture of what its like. So many friends grandparents from the West Side of Cleveland live in Florida.



The West Side of Cleveland, and surrounding suburbs such as Parma and it’s heights, populated by white immigrants from Germany and Eastern Europe, had a boom in population after World War II and the decades after because of white flight. I like this article because it says Parma is a true melting pot (of whiteness). But honestly shouts to Parma for pierogies and cornhole (the name of my Cleveland lifestyle blog).

1974 view of the Parmatown Mall


Luckily, we have a pretty good indicator of which residents ascendants  just couldn’t be bothered living with people like my family when we accidentally roll into those neighborhoods because of the pink flamingos. Parma residents are notorious for displaying in their yard life-size plastic flamingos and casual racism.


There was even a contest recently dedicated to decorating pink flamingos (for charity? idk) akin to the goddamn guitar decorating thing which was cute when we were 10 and now it’s like are we just gonna have these up forever.

I look forward to seeing how the new residents from these suburbs integrate the pink flamingos into the hip creative class neighborhoods they’re gentrifying. Tremont is really more of a leg lamp neighborhood, anyway, if you’re gonna talk about white nostalgia.  (Young Warby Parker) The cousin of the yard flamingo that lives in Middleburg Heights is the porch goose.



There’s a kind of class aspirational aspect to the perceived luxury of flamingos. Flamingos are blue-collar WASPy peacocks of the east coast. Flamingos are an intersection of blue-collar Americana and ambigous unthreatening, tropical yet domestic “exoticness.”



There’s a John Waters, weird kitsch Americana like campiness to flamingos in a residential setting. You sometimes see flamingo imagery related to romanticized trailer parks, like silver bullet trailers. Pink Flamingos is a movie I’ve never seen but my girlfriend likes very much.






This would be at the Mad Men in LA bar, Meet the Johnsons in Bushwick



On the flipside (or maybe in support of that argument) flamingos are part of the visual language of Lilly Pullitzer and that kind of upper-middle class resort wear market. I think this lends itself to the aspirational aspects of flamingos as Lilly Pulitzer was recently crapped on by fancy rich people and uppity creative internet people alike for its wanna-be, off the rack collab with Target. Lots of “Lilly Pultzer is rolling over in her grave right now for stooping to this” and “Lilly Pulitzer is the worst kind of basic” alike. This print is actually called Pink Colony.





It’s a pretty subjective fact that flamingos are compositionally cute and make for a nice pattern. Like in this button down I’d like to buy for my girlfriend.



A cute flamingo one-piece



A good pattern. Pink and green makes my eyes feel good.



Another good button down. Love this casual look...bubble gum pop!


There’s of course a pink flamingo Pantone Color.



Flamingos are pretty much dinosaurs.

There is no flamingo emoji but there are two different kinds camels (and dragons).

Flamingo pink is a really fun color for makeup.






Rihanna is a magic flamingo.



These Lion King flamingos are really cute.


Creepy cute Audobon illustration


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Thoughts and Questions:

What do you associate with flamingos?

What are the cultural ideas about flamingos outside of the east coast of the United States?

Are flamingos dinosaurs?

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