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The Women are Talking: women of color podcasts


Women of color are killing it in the new media, specifically podcasting, to be quite honest. There’s something so amazing about hearing black and brown women’s voices telling stories, making jokes, and enjoying each other and culture. The podcast space, which has seen an enormous boom after the craze of a certain podcast that I really just never want to talk about again, has been primarily a male white dominated medium, with the WNYCs and the NPRs, in the mainstream. But just like in any other space, women of color are taking over that space and showing us how funny, entertaining, educational, radical, and just GOOD the medium can and should be.

Here’s a breakdown of some our favorite women of color run and hosted podcasts. Fill out your whole week with a new podcast episode to listen to each day.

chittu chattu

Hosted by: Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and Ashok “Dapwell” Kondabolu
Airs: sometimes
Link: Chittu Chattu
Chittau chattu just released a new album after a years long hiatus. I’m looking forward to going back into the archives and checking out the previous 6 episodes.

call your girlfriend

Hosted by: Anne Frieman and Animatou Sow
Airs: every two weeks
Link: Call Your Girlfriend // CYG on iTunes
Call Your Girlfriend is the podcast I wish I’d had while I was living on the other side of the country for six months. CYG feels a bit like the long Google Hangouts IMs that happened then (and okay now) about whatever shit is going down on the internet. Anne and Animatou, who are really impressive in their own right as tech and media badasses (Anne Friedman invented the phrase shine theory) come together to catch up on what’s going on in pop culture and in their personal lives (and how that often overlaps.) The two just make you feel really good about yourself and your friendships and where you’re at in life.

another round

Hosted by: Heben and Tracy
Airs: Tuesdays
Link: Another Round on iTunes
Another round is a brand new podcast produced by Buzzfeed and a song by Fat Joe. The podcast is extremely cute and quotable. There’s only been one episode so far (which was awesome) so we are still learning about Heben and Tracy. The first guest, Durga Chew-Bose was so inspiring and had amazing things to say about being a woman of color and writing. I love what she has to say about people (media) needing to be nervous because the women are talking and about peaking at the end of her interview. I’m excited to see what is to come with this new series. Also it’s been a really long time since anyone asked about Bruce Bruce so I’m glad someone is on top of that.

black girls talking

Hosted by: Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, Ramou
Airs: Every three weeks or so
Link: Black Girls Talking
Favorite Episode: Black Girls Talking BGT Episode 38 with Janet Mock
I never had older sisters but I could imagine that it’s a little like listening to this podcast. These women intelligently and flawlessly break down pop culture and current events in a hilarious, actually edgy, and unapologetic way. The format is slow paced, mellow, and well researched like when the coolest girl in class is reading their homework response. This podcast makes me stop and listen hard on the train.

Pushing Hoops With Sticks

Hosted by: Ayesha A. Siddiqi
Airs: We don’t know yet! It’s brand new!
Link: Pushing Hoops WIth Sticks Vol 1: Ezra Koenig
Pushing Hoops with Sticks is another brand new podcast from New Inquiry writer/twitter cutie Ayesha Siddiqi. In her first episode, she sits down with other twitter cutie Ezra Koenig to talk about whiteness and contemporary culture. Ayesha’s nicely paced, conversational format is inviting and thought provoking. I’m really looking forward to just about anything she does and would love to see more interesting guests.

Other Favorites

The Read
She Does
Lady to Lady
The Anti Casserole
Open Ended FM
Soul Glo Project
Two Brown Girls
Last Name Basis (tw: white dude)
mmhmm girl

Podcasts We Haven’t Checked Out Yet

Queer and Brown in Steeltown
Queen of the New Cool

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Pretty alright non-WOC Podcasts

Desus vs Mero Podcast
Brothers Kondabolu
Combat Jack
Revision Path
Friendshipping (Do friendship at the problem!)
Love + Radio
Mystery Show
Note to Self (FKA New Tech City)

Watch this post because we will be updating as we find new good stuff. Updated June 15!



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