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things to watch for a night time calm down, a youtube roundup

in the past couple months I’ve slowly gotten into youtube. Its like TV if TV wasn’t all fucking stressful. Even the best shows right now are too much for me. On a chill night when I just want to plop, I find myself watching 45 seconds of a new TV show before chuckling softly to myself and saying, no, no this is just not what I need right now. What I need right now is a 3 to 8 minute long video of a person staring directly into camera and fumbling through some product recommendations. *law and order intro voice* Here are some faves.

The Pastels

Three cute girl friends in Australia. It’s clear that this is a friend project that they like doing and its fun to watch them make it and interact with each other, in addition to their really nice and doable makeup looks they put together.

Tamira Jarrel

I don’t really know what the hell is going on with this girl that her life is like this but, I’m into it. She’s truly peak beauty vlogger in so many ways, like the unrelatability of her lifestyle. The look here is like rose-gold-stacked-ring-espresso-cup-on-a-marble-counter-but-with-a-succulent-in-the-upper-left-corner-flat-lay. I feel like I need to go back and see if she ever explains her whole thing specificially the minimalist opulent vibe but also she works “part time” in “health care” and her style is like, very self deprecating and full of doubt? But for now, I’m down to watch a get ready with me and listen to her talk about how she highlights with a facial oil and glossier flew her out and put her up in the standard and all of that. But you know, anytime, I’d like some answers.

Meghal and Natasha

MEGHAL AND NATASHA THA GAWDS. These girls, who are twins and I first saw on tumblr, are some of the first beauty tutorial people I saw doing the bold colorful structured eye look. I just, I love them. They also have great recommendations for beauty brands and products for people with deep brown and/or golden skin.


A million heart eye emojis for Christine. I’m not even going to act like I don’t have a crush on her. Her videos are so easy to watch and her looks are wearable and glowy. She also did this video with her friend Val that I love and I love their dynamic and the things they bring out in each other in conversation while creating this look. One time, Christine was like, berets and so I was like, berets.

with wendy

withwendy is actually DIY clothes tutorial which is equally satisfying to watch as a makeup tutorial and similar in that I’m probably never going to do ‘em but it makes me feel like I can. She’s got an approachable way of explaining the projects and using methods that might hypothetically be easy enough to replicate.

Jarry the Worst

Similar to Meghal and Natasha, Jarry is one of the first people I saw intensely colorful makeup looks on tumblr. Where M+N go with a color shape, Jarry goes with SPARKLE and blend. Also one of the cutest tip of the nose highlights maybe in the world. Jarry’s stills she posts to tumblr are really beautiful but her videos show her bubbly personality which is fun to watch. She puts together super creative and unique looks which she is always rightfully hyped about.
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